The Day The Stork Came


Two months ago, my life changed. I was working late one Thursday night, trying to get some tasks completed.  In less than a week I was leaving for a trip to Sweden and Denmark, compliments of Volvo (more on that in another post).  My phone rang and that call was the beginning of an exciting… 

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My Organized Pantry!


My kitchen pantry, although a decent size, has always bugged me.  What specifically bugged me were the shelves.  They were wire, which meant that small things used to fall through them all the time.  And they also sagged when anything heavy was placed on them, which meant it was hard to stack anything up.  The… 

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Burlap Wreath Tutorial


I have been in love with those burlap wreaths that have been all the rage lately, but have not been interested in paying the $35-$50 price that I have seen them sold. I figured I could make one myself.  So I hit up Swagbucks in search of online tutorials.  I used ideas from many of the other… 

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Penny Picture Frame


A few weeks ago I made a really cool picture frame.  I wanted to share how I made it so others could make one, too.  It was so ridiculously easy and has an elegant look – I’m just thrilled with how it turned out!. For the base of the frame I used a 5 x 7 wood frame… 

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Crocheted Round Scrubbies Tutorial


Have you seen those round re-usable dish washing scrubbies on Etsy and wondered how to make them, yourself?  Well look no farther because I am going to show you… and they are super easy to do, too!  (Oh, and at the end of this post I will tell you how you can win some!) These little… 

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Thrifty Laundry Room Make-Over


WHAT:  Laundry Room Make-Over BUDGET:  $0 – free! THE GOAL:  Organize and beautify the space without spending much (any) money. I recently gave my laundry room a much needed thrifty make-over.  And the best part is that this make-over didn’t cost me a dime! My laundry room is located off of the kitchen and, as… 

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Easy Broccoli Pasta (One Pot Meal)


I love recipes that allow me to cook the meal entirely in one pot.   One pot equals easy clean-up, right?  Below is a recipe I concocted years ago and it still remains one of my favorites.  It is easy, has just three ingredients (plus salt and pepper), and uses just one pot for cooking.  Who… 

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Starting Over

“Poof” That is the hypothetical sound I imagine my blog made when it vanished from the web.  Okay, maybe it wasn’t that dramatic, but the end result was the same… ‘My House, My Rules!’ was gone.  An unperson, if you will – vaporized into oblivion (please pardon my 1984 reference). So how did it happen?… 

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