Burlap Wreath Tutorial


I have been in love with those burlap wreaths that have been all the rage lately, but have not been interested in paying the $35-$50 price that I have seen them sold.

I figured I could make one myself.  So I hit up Swagbucks in search of online tutorials.  I used ideas from many of the other tutorials I found in order to make mine in the easiest and cheapest way I could (easy and cheap is always best, right?).  It is amazing how many different ways people can make these things!

Below is how I made my burlap wreath.  I hope you will find these directions helpful should you want to make one of your own.  I should add that this project was extremely fast and easy to do.  :)



You will need the following:

16″ wire wreath frame (these frame come in a variety of sizes, but 16″ looks nice on most doors)
Natural Burlap roll, at least 4″ wide (20-30 yards or so, depending on how full you make your wreath – the 100 yard roll I link to is the most affordable to buy)
Crafting wire, or use free twisties from the grocery store if you want to be extra frugal!


The process for making the wreath is really easy.

1.) Use some wire (or a twisty) to attach the end of a roll of burlap to the wire frame.  I do this to anchor the burlap in place.  I also used a bit of wire at each ‘break’ in the wire frame just to keep the burlap in place over time.

2.) Push a loop of burlap up through one of the sections of the wire frame.  Here you just want a loop.  You aren’t pulling the entire piece of burlap through (the “tails” of the burlap roll are always on the bottom side of the frame).

3.) Repeat this process through the entire frame.  For the most part you can keep a simple pattern of outside gap, middle, inside gap, middle, outside gap, middle, etc.  However, you can also ‘shake it up’ for some variety or if a spot looks like it could use more bulk.  Really, you can not do this wrong!

4.) Repeat process until you have a completed wreath.  The process is really fast once you get started.

5.) When you are done, just twist and push around the loops on the outside of the wreath so you have a natural, unplanned look.  Easy-peasy!

Here are a couple more close-up pictures of the process.


Here is a picture of the wreath hung up on my front door.  As you can see, I added a decorative flower.  I plan to change out the decorative element depending on the season or my mood at the time!  I am just in love with the finished product here.


What craft projects have you completed lately?  If you have blogged about them, please share the link in the comments, below!  And PLEASE follow me on Twitter and “like” me on Facebook!  :)


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